Hey, i'm Michelle

I live in Marykirk with my husband and 3 children.

As a busy mum I found it extremely difficult to make time for myself and found that I would reach for fast food for convenience which led to a lack of energy and motivation to do any sort of exercise. This ultimately made my weight increase and my mental health decline.

I knew I had to change for myself and for the sake of my children so I found a Personal Trainer to give me the push I needed. This was the turning point in my fitness journey and I actually looked forward to my PT sessions, this is when I realised I had a passion for fitness.

I worked hard at every session and on my nutrition which resulted in a 3 stone weight loss and gave me a completely new mindset to nutrition and fitness.

After seeing the physical and mental changes in myself that’s when I knew I wanted to become a Personal Trainer so that I could go on to help other people in similar situations.

Now I can tell my clients that I have been there, done that! I know it requires a lot of hard work but it is achievable when you set your mind to it.

I started off by studying my Level 2 In Gym Instructing which led me into my Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training.

During my studies I built a small but well equipped Gym in my garden to allow me to train my clients in private and friendly environment.

So whatever your goal may be, whether it be weight loss, improving your fitness levels, becoming more active or nutritional advice, together we can achieve your goals!

Michelle Milne

Personal Trainer